I have never done a blog before and I am not really expecting anyone else to read it...just me. This is so I remember this weight loss journey. I have lost and gained weight so much over the past 10 years that I need to have something to remind myself how good I feel when I am skinny compared to how I feel when I am fat. Any yes...right now I am FAT!! So bring on the pain...tomorrow I make the phone call that will start me loosing weight...and hopefully feeling better.

I should mention that I am a horrible speller...so through this journey IF someone does decide to read my blog...look out...my spelling sucks!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blogging in my head

I have been blogging in my head all day. All the things I needed to write down as my day went along. NOW...do you think I can remember any of them?? Nope. I miss food. I am stuck at 157 pounds and can't seem to drop. I was so tired. It feels like it is taking a long time to loose this weight. I should hate myself for ever letting me get back to this point. My pants are getting looser so that is a good sign...now if the scale would just drop. the veggies are killing me. I hate them. I would rather just not eat...but that is probably part of the reason I'm not loosing like I want to be. I think I only have one week left and I am only down 9 pounds still. What happens when my month is up and I haven't lost it all? Do I challenge them. Oh I can't even go there.

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